Sunday, February 22, 2009

The BigChurch Magazine

The BigChurch Magazine is unique in that it relies on you, our BigChurch members, for its exciting and very interactive content. Not only can you read the interesting articles, but you can add your own and respond to those of others!

Articles & Discussions
The BigChurch Advice Line lets you ask all those questions you always wanted and then get advice from all the members of BigChurch. If you have a question to ask, just enter it. Our staff will then review the question and post it below.

Just click the links to give your advice or Add your own questions.
Did Jesus Use A Modem?
did you ever got disappointed in some one you trust?
Have you ever hit your husband?
How do you respond to those who seek to hurt you?
Have Patience
"Forgiving Yourself"
The words we speak!

Member Articles
Read, relate and add your input to the ultimate online relationship guide. Get information, inspiration and involved in the action by adding your own article, joke or pointers.
# Breaking Up (726)

# Building a Relationship (1708)

# Dating Quiz (251)

# Dating Safety (309)

# First Dates (330)

# General (5791)

# General Advice (1552)

# Poems (2237)

# Relationship Humor (821)

# Saying "No Thanks" (218)

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