Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Church Review was founded in 2000 and offers high-powered personals search capability, relationship guidance, tips and advice from fellow Christians/Catholics, online chat, Bible commentary, and more. has now become one of the largest Christians/Catholics singles personals site on the Web (over 500,000 members and growing), and devotes itself completely to Christians/Catholics and the Christians/Catholics faith. This Dating Site is for Christians/Catholics singles who are not interested in the normal dating scene.

Big Church is one of the most popular dating sites that specialize in providing to people of faith, and its popularity continues to grow.

It has a strong backbone of services.

We'll start with the bad and end with the mostly good news about

  • Reports on the internet seem to indicate that this sites approval process for new profiles may need to be overhauled as there may be a few more fake profiles than on other dating sites (all of the large sites contain some fake profiles).

Positive Features

  • Has many different features for members to use such as Blogs, Friend Network and Bible Groups. The FriendFinder Network of Sites probably offers the most to its members in terms of the number of features available to use.
  • 2 types of paid memberships, Silver and Gold. You can go for a cheaper (by about 35%) Silver membership but you will have slower response technical support and less searching options. A great way to go if you are still not sure about the site and don't want to pay full price.
  • You can specify when you search for other singles, to search for paid members only. This is really helpful for singles who want members who will most likely reply back to any communication they receive since Standard members can not reply to mail (expect in one case, see next point).
  • Extra option of allowing Standard Members (non paying members) the ability to contact you if you choose to pay an additional small monthly fee. Normally Standard members cannot communicate with other members. They can only perform searches and preview profiles.
  • The Magazine contains lots of contributions (articles, polls, answers to questions) from its regular members.

Free Membership

  • Yes (Standard Membership)
  • Included:
    • Create a Profile (Sections include and only first two items need to be filled in)
      • About You
        • Age, Gender, Location, Relationship Type, Denomination and How serious is your relationship with God
        • Chose between the Dating and/or the Friend Network
      • Your Introduction
        • Title, Introduction and Describing what you are looking for in a Christian partner
      • Social Network Information (Your Name (optional))
      • Miscellaneous Information
        • Physical Information, Marital Status, Smoking, Children and Occupation
    • Add a photo
    • Searching
  • Not Included:
    • Cannot see full size picture of members and only part of their profile.
    • Cannot communicate with members.

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